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Swinger Validations are a great way to let other members know about a member you have met on the site and like. It allows people to read your notes and feel more comfortable contacting this member and possibly making plans to meet them as well.

Validations are a huge part of SexxyMofo and should only be written if you have met this member and wish to share your thoughts. You should take your time in writing your validation as thousands of members will ultimately be reading them. There are many swingers who will only contact another member if they in fact have at least 1 or 2 solid validations from other members on SexxyMofo. They feel this legitmizes the member and they can get a better feel of who the couple is and what they are all about just by reading a few sentences in your validation.

The validation process should be taken very seriously as this will remain attached to the members profile you are writing it for as long as they remain active members of SexxyMofo. We encourage you to be as open and honest as you would like when writing your swingers validations but please refrain from any rude or nasty comments.