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Swinger Clubs - All you need to know about swingers clubs

SexxyMofo.com members are the hottest swinger couples, interracial swingers, amateur swingers, and bisexual women on the web. Each week, more and more swingers from all across the United States, and swingers from overseas, are joining SexxyMofo.com and meeting other swinger couples at private swinger parties and at Swinger Clubs.

Q: How can I find a Swinger Clubs in my area?

A: Swinger Clubs are popping up more and more across the United States and SexxyMofo.com and our swinger couples can help you find the next hot and happening swinger party at a Swinger Club. Once you join SexxyMofo.com you will have access to a map of all the Swinger Clubs across the United States. The Swinger Clubs are posted by the SexxyMofo staff as well as swinger couples.

Q: I am a single male. Can I go to a Swingers Club?

A:Like any other club, Swinger Clubs have certain rules. Some Swinger Clubs do allow single males everyday of the week. More often than not, however, weekends at Swinger Clubs are designated for Swinger Couples and bisexual women only.

Swinger Clubs generally designate a day or two during the week� Wednesday or Thursday� for all those active in the swinger lifestyle to party, including single men.

The Swinger Clubs posted on SexxyMofo provide a link for further information.

Q: Are Swingers Clubs a sexual-free-for-all for swingers and bisexual women?

A: No, Swinger Clubs are not a place for swinger couples and bisexual women to meet and have a sexual free for all. While there will often be some hot and sensual activity, Swinger Clubs make sure to respect the laws of the city and state.

Q: We are a swinger couple new to the lifestyle. My wife has this image of Swinger Clubs being this dark, hidden, underground hole-in-the-wall, needing a secret knock on the door for access. Is she right?

A: This is a common misconception! On the contrary, Swinger Clubs are elegant and modern.

Swinger Clubs are not underground, hidden, and require any secret knock on the door. Most people may not even realize it, but there is a strong likelihood that every day driving down the highway, people pass Swinger Clubs and do not even realize it.

Q: Do I need a special invitation to get into a Swinger Club?

A: Once or twice a month, some Swinger Clubs have special private parties that are by invitation only. For the most part, however, Swinger Clubs are like any other club: Proper Attire and a cover charge. Some Swinger Clubs do not serve alcohol, but do allow BYOB.

Q: We are a mature swinging couple. Are there Swinger Clubs especially for mature swingers?

A: Some Swinger Clubs cater exclusively for certain demographics, but for the most part, Swinger Clubs welcome all swingers of all ages. Periodically, swinger members find postings or receive emails from swinger couples organizing a special private swinger party for Mature Swingers or Interracial Swingers.

Q: I am a hot, bi-curious woman. I am interested in meeting bisexual women and swinger couples, but am a little nervous about going to a Swinger Club. Any suggestions?

A: Our first suggestion, of course, if you have not already is join SexxyMofo.com . If you feel a little nervous about going to a Swinger Club for the first time, then first try meeting other swinger couples by exchanging emails and pictures. Tell the swinger couples you meet that you are bi curious and are interested in the swinger lifestyle and going to a Swingers Club. You could arrange to meet the swinger couple first before going to a Swinger Couple.

Another suggestion is consider taking a female friend also interested in the swinger lifestyle. A Swinger Club is like any other club  you socialize, drink, flirt, and dance. The exception of course being that those individuals and couples attending Swinger Clubs are swingers looking to meet other swinger couples.

There is a Swinger Club in your area having a big party this weekend!

And the hottest swinger couples and the sexiest bisexual women will be there waiting for you!

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