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Speaking of bringing seXXXy back....

Based in the New York Tri-State area, SexxyMofo.com (mofo) caters to the lifestyle elite. Mofo is lifestyle `city chic` at it`s finest. SexxyMofo is a site where REAL swingers connect with others and have a damn good time doing it! Traditionally, we create a free account on various lifestyle sites and wait about a week to learn each sites tools etcetera, prior to purchasing a paid membership. As with most websites, full access to the user is only available through paid membership. With sexxymofo.com, even with the limited ability to navigate and correspond with other members- we couldn`t wait to whip out the plastic and become a `mofo`!

From the moment you log on to sexxymofo.com, the site illuminates your computer screen with a barrage of beautiful people and an alluring sultry appeal. At first glance you get the impression that the images are of models, then- when you look closer you`ll find their `profile name` along side of each photo. Hmmmm......is it too good to be true?

From the home screen, you are able to quickly and easily create your own `sexxymofo` profile with out the commitment of a credit card. (Which we LOVE) Setting up your profile is very easy, even for the technically retarded. lol In your profile you have the ability to:

Create profile name (your website handle)

Mofo Title (the tag line that appears as your profile `headline`)

Swapping Preference (full, soft etc.)

Personal info (stats- height, weight, hair color, eye color)

Location (with the ability to have multiple states- for those of us who are bi [coastal] that is- lol)

Upload photos + video (to 3 different profile areas: public, 100% mofo + password protected)

Personal description (detailed text of who you are and what you are looking for, or anything else you may want to say)

Alright- so I have to admit, I was so intrigued by mofo`s `beautiful` people on their homepage I had to look them up. So, once my hubby and I had our profile up and active the search began. Low and behold- utopia! Indeed those sexxymofos on the home page are REAL people with active profiles. We`ve chatted with many of them via the chatrooms, cams, telephone and in the `flesh`. In the lifestyle this site is notorious for having the `best looking` members and the greatest thing about it.....it`s true.


Sexxymofo is a site with that has all the bells and whistles. There is a lot to work with on here and once you are able to learn your way around it is well worth it. Navigating around the site is pretty simple as things are layed out well for you on your `my account` page. We`ve noticed that when logged in, anytime you view `yourself` you are taken to your `my account` page and have the option of updating your profile quickly and easily.


One of the greatest aspects of sexxymofo is the photo and video upload. We LOVE the fact the pics are locked so others can`t just click drag your photos on to their desktops. You are able to upload to 3 separate areas:

PUBLIC: This is the area that anyone may view your pics and video

100% MOFO: This is an area where only 100% MOFO`s can view your pics + video. (100% MOFO`s are members that have been validated by others on the site)

PASSWORD PROTECTED: This area is where other members must have your granted permission to view your personal photos + video

Not only do you have 3 options of where to upload photos + video, you also have the option to add captions, change photo order, add text over image and small photo editing tools at your disposal such as sharpen and rotate. This is one of the only sites that allow unlimited images. Once viewing another`s pictures you are able to `click` the thumbnails to enlarge.


Privacy is another issue on many sites, as many of us in the lifestyle are rather discreet. Mofo allows all users the option of turning `off` their profile to free trial members giving you the option to be seen by only those other serious members who have paid memberships. This is a wonderful aspect as many times people tend create free accounts to picture collect and send unwanted mail to others members. Although there is no option to `hide` your profile as you peruse the site. This means that when you visit another person`s page he/she/they will be able to see you viewed them when looking at their stats.


Another alluring aspect is the `booty call`. Where those of you who want it `now` can easily find others who want it `now` as well. When you activate your `booty call` you have a red light that flashes on your profile page and you are automatically put into the `booty call` list. Members are able to post `notes` so others can have a quick read of what you`re looking for prior to clicking onto your profile. Booty call is a great tool and is very easy to use.


This is probably our least favorite area, as the `Mofo` chat usually doesn`t have many users in it. Which honestly may be a good thing. The members on Mofo are `no nonsense` and WE LOOOOOVE THAT! Think about it- the members are probably too busy actually meeting each other and just don`t have the darn time to sit online and chat. Hmmmm- something to think about. :)


In this section you can view the movers and shakers on the site. Based on profile views, members are listed from the highest to lowest. This is a great page to determine who is active on the site. Lists that can be viewed are: hottest/sexxiest of all time, this month, couple, female and male.


We LOVE this page! Each user has their own MOFO INFO page, which is broken down into 3 categories: mail, stats + friends.

In the mail section you have access to all tools dealing with the mofo mailing system. At a quick glance you can easily see how many new, read and replied messages you have. You can also see who has viewed your mail with in the last 48 hours. (Which by the way is NOT available on most lifestyle dating sites)

On other sites where users can send winks, on Mofo we can be a bit more detailed. On other`s profile you can click 4 icons, which will let them know, that you have an interest in a: kiss, lap dance, grabbing a drink or getting naughty with them. A far cry from the infamous dating site `wink`. You also have links where you can view who has sent you a kiss, lap dance etc and who`ve you sent to.

In the stats section you can view lists of all who`ve viewed you, how many validations you have and who you`ve validated, your membership info and expiration date, parties you signed up to attend, traveling plans, users you`ve blocked, who has blocked you and who has granted you access to their private pics along with who you gave access too.

In the friends section it simply lists your `friends` and `best friends`.

As with many other sites there is the `new members` page, forums, search, club and party listings and travel page. These pages are pretty standard and serve great purpose.

100% MOFO:

As with many sites SexxyMofo allows other members to validate that you are real. Having this tool is instrumental for the lifestyle as it gives others the comfort of knowing that you and your profile are truly real. Not only are you able to read other members validations, once validated- you are considered `100% mofo` which allows you to view any pictures or videos posted on any profile under the 100% category. A great perk for meeting people from the site. Members who are not validated as 100% mofo may not view photos or media if listed in the 100% category.


While learning to navigate this site I had many questions. The hosts of the site not only are stunning, but very patient and helpful. There are many links through out the site where you can send suggestions to them for site improvement. Regardless, after signing up on SexxyMofo tech support is never far away and questions and concerns are handled with professionalism and promptness. Never once did we have any issues with the use of this site, which is extremely RARE dealing with lifestyle dating sites.


As we mentioned before, sexxymofo.com is full of beautiful people. The site itself carries the sexiness through out with the sultry black and pink colors and crisp photos. Text is easily read yet the flash and gif animation can be a bit much as at times, as it feels like a lot is moving. In particular we like that in the top right hand corner it will read whether or not you have new mail awaiting you. As far as appearance sexxymofo is hands down aesthetically the best looking site.


When signing up for a free trail account you are prompted to a one-time offer of $9.95 for a full membership. This was a bit confusing as it states that once you leave that page the offer no longer stands and you`ll be resulted back to regular membership fees should you wish to become a full member. Although $9.95 is greatly alluring, it does not state for how long the $9.95 membership will last (ie: monthly, weekly etc.) After searching the site for the membership fees we were unable to find the link and subsequently lost out on the $9 deal. Regular fees for sexxymofo.com are as follows:

1 month- $27.95

3 months- $54.95

6 months- $87.95

Annual- $149.95

Lifetime- $239.95

We have been members of many, if not all lifestyle web- sites. In our opinion although Sexxymofo`s membership fees may appear a bit steep, they are certainly worth every penny. Our suggestion would be: snatch up that $9 deal ASAP after setting up your profile and if your serious, go for the gusto and spring for that lifetime membership.


We LOVE SexxyMofo.com and it IS our top pick out of all lifestyle-dating sites around. It is easy to use as well as caters to the desires of those in the lifestyle. The people are friendly and among the sexiest and hottest around. The likelihood of meeting someone or another couple from this site is high. The site is all about respect and it emanates `sexy`. As mentioned before, the members on Mofo are a `no nonsense` type of people. They are all on the site for the same reason, and that`s to meet the like minded.

We`ve noticed that Mofo has a rather large data base with people from all legal age ranges- the young 20 something`s to the more mature 50`s, with the medium being 30 to 40 years old. Yet to date this is the hottest, sexiest site for those of us in the lifestyle. Sexxymofo is refreshingly sensual, hip, sexy and fun. Never has being called a `mofo` been so endearing. Kudos.