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Adult Swingers Safety - Is Swinging Safe?

We have been swinging for many years now and we have never been involved with or seen anything that has ever made us feel unsafe. ?We can never say with certainly that swinging or anything for that matter is 100% safe but if you stick to some common sense rules of thumb you should be able to steer clear of any potential problems.

  • Never give detailed info in your profile
  • Exchange a lot of emails and Instant Messages before meeting other swingers
  • If the other party is very pushy then politely let them know that you are no longer interested
  • Only give personal info when you feel comfortable
  • Ask for their telephone # or exchange #s at the same time
  • Talk on the phone before meeting!
  • Always tell a friend about the relationship, where and when you will meet the person or couple and give them as many details as you can about the other party
  • Let the other party know (subtly of course) that your friend is aware of your meeting and always first meet in a public place.
  • Read their validations and testimonials from other swingers on the site

Couples and individuals are attracted to the swinging lifestyle for a variety of different reasons. Some believe that swinging gives them a break from their jobs and every day routine and an escape from the demanding stress in their daily lives.

Others find that having sex with other people can be very arousing and fulfill many fantasies that they have been wanting to explore.? And yet others may find that swinging can become a medium for improving their own sex lives and relationships.

Through swinging, many people end up learning quite a bit about themselves and their sexuality. They start to attend swingers parties and swingers clubs where they feel a level or eroticism that they have never experienced before.? It is said that a swinging lifestyle can teach one to give and take pleasure in a way that they have never experienced before. Most couples find that having their partner actively enjoying and appreciating what they are experiencing during sex to be an incredible turn-on and one they think about when alone with their partner in bed.?