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Bisexual Women - An Adult Swingers Guide

The thought of a bisexual woman with another bisexual woman, or a bisexual woman with a swinger couple is titillating and provocative.

Bisexual Woman with a Bisexual Woman

Picture it: A bisexual woman atop another bisexual woman, kissing one another on the lips, biting one another on the nipples, sliding and caressing each others hands down each others body, and then slipping and sliding each others fingers in between each others legs.

Picture it: A bisexual woman’s magical tongue and sweet and sensuous lips softly nestled between the welcoming legs of another bisexual woman.

Bisexual Woman with a Swinger Couple

Picture it: A bisexual woman on her back, her legs opened in a Y, as her inner thighs and all it`s sweetness is being licked and nibbled by another bisexual woman. And while the bisexual woman on her back enjoys the licks, bites, and kisses being performed on her, the other bisexual woman is being penetrated, doggie-style, deep, hard, and fast by her husband.

And then the bisexual women switch positions: The husband now penetrating another woman other than his wife, and, while the woman feels and takes every inch of him inside of her, she slips her fingers, lips, and tongue in between the sweetness, wetness, and creaminess of his wife’s treasure.

Hot! Hot! Hot!

But if you are a bisexual woman, an experienced swinger couple, or an amateur swinger couple, quit picturing it…and start living and experiencing the hotness and passion with a bisexual woman - Today! SexxyMofo.com bisexual women are the hottest and sexiest women in the swinger lifestyle.

Q: I am a bisexual woman. Is it really that easy to meet other bisexual women and swinger couples on SexxyMofo.com?

A: What is easy for one individual may seem difficult for another, but certainly joining SexxyMofo.com is a great way - and an easier way - of meeting bisexual women. Bisexual women who have joined will state on the profile they create, Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Woman.

So, in this sense, it is easier because the woman has told you (has written) that she is a bisexual woman. At a nightclub, for example, unless or until you start a conversation with a woman and she makes her intentions known, one would never know if that particular woman is a bisexual woman or not.

SexxyMofo.com has thousands and thousands of bisexual women and swinger couples ready for you to meet. Like any other social gathering and meeting website, how easy it is for you to meet bisexual women and swinger couples depends on the amount of time, emails, and pictures you send.

But the sooner you join, the sooner you create your profile, upload pictures, and start sending emails, the quicker and easier it will be for you to meet hot bisexual women.

Q: Why is it easier for a bisexual woman to connect and have sex with swinger couples than a single male?

A: Good question. For the most part, swinger couples are more willing and comfortable to have sex with a bisexual woman than a single man. Most men are not bi-comfortable or bisexual, whereas most women are more willing to have a sexual experience with another woman.

Some swinger couples, however, do look for single males. Married bisexual women sometimes tell their husbands that they want to have sex with a single man.

Q: I had sex with bisexual women before I married my husband. I never told him, but now would like the two of us to have another bisexual woman share our bedroom - have a threesome. I am afraid of his reaction. What advice could you give?

A: Without knowing the full relationship and communication you and your husband have as a married couple, it would be difficult to offer you complete advice; the fact that you have kept your bisexual experiences secret from your husband might serve as some kind of indicator of the trust and communication the two of you share.

Swinger couples are open and honest with one another. Swinger couples who have had sex with bisexual women have known for years what excites their spouse sexually.

Bisexual women have emailed us telling us that when they fist told their husband that they wanted to have sex with a bisexual woman - another woman - their husbands were turned on. Whether or not your husband would have the same reaction - whether or not your husband would accept and be turned on by having a bisexual woman share your bedroom - truly, since you know your husband the best, only you would know.

If and when you do tell him, then be prepared to accept either response: accepting of being with a bisexual woman or rejecting the idea of being with a bisexual woman.

Q: We are married, but are new to the swinger lifestyle. My wife is bi-curious. What suggestions could you give us to help us meet a hot bisexual woman and for our first threesome experience?

A: The first suggestion is to join SexxyMofo.com if you have not already. Once you join, be sure you are honest when creating your profile. State that you are new swinger couple and that your wife is interested in meeting a bisexual woman, that she is bi-curious.

Additionally, you and your wife should have an open and honest discussion before your first sexual experience with a bisexual woman. Questions and topics to discuss: Will you, the husband, be allowed to penetrate the bisexual woman? What, if any, are the sexual intercourse boundaries?

Each week, more and more bisexual women and swingers - adult swingers, interracial swingers, and amateur swingers - are joining Sexxymofo.com.

And each week, more and more swingers are meeting and having incredible Swinger Sex.

Complete the SexxyMofo.com application now! Start meeting hot bisexual women in your town today!